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CMD (Mr. Vinay jain) The notable Chairman & Managing Director of AVJ Group Mr. Vinay Jain laid the foundation of this company in the prolific year of 2005. He invested a humble sum of his hard earned money on a simple thought of giving a renewed string of residential and commercial projects. The charismatic and inquisitive mind of Mr Vinay Jain concocted some of the finest marvels of architecture and designing. He introduced numerous prolific AVJ Group Projects which started gaining a lot of fame because of its various remarkable features. With his sheer hard work and determination he has created a distinct identity for AVJ Group in the real estate sector. This illustrious AVJ Group Chairman & Managing Director took this budding company to the path of immense success in a very short span of time. His motto is to provide maximum gratification to their esteemed clients by providing them with flawlessly crafted ventures.

Mrs. Asha Jain (Director, AVJ Group)
Mrs. Asha Jain, the Director of AVJ group has spent over 13 years in managerial roles across diverse sectors in Real Estate as well as in the field of Education.
As a Director and an integral part of AVJ group, Mrs Asha Jain has played a key role in fulfilling her responsibilities with full efficiency. In thirteen years of her association with AVJ group, she has diligently carried out her responsibility of educating the employees of AVJ group about various activities in Real Estate sector as well as management of day to day affairs in a Company. She has always been a motivational factor amongst the employees and regarded as a guiding factor amongst the entire staff of AVJ group.
Her wide knowledge and experience in the field of Construction and Development has enabled AVJ group to achieve success by leaps and bounds. Mrs. Jain with her exposure, thought process & dynamic personality has been a decisive force in complete restructuring of management practices in the Company. Under her strategic guidance, the group has introduced better instrastructure, professional culture new systems & processes thus inculcating sense of ownership among all stakeholders. Her efforts, dedication and high spirits when combined with the magnified vision of AVJ Group has resulted in an un- precedent growth of the company.

Mr. Vipin Aggarwal (Director, AVJ Group)
An Innovative Real Estate Entrepreneur, Mr. Vipin is the Managing Director of AVJ Group. Mr. Vipin is figured for his leadership in the real estate sector. Under his dynamic leadership, the company has achieved highest stature in professionalism, quality controls and integrity in the Realty sector in India and the company is synonymous with highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. His leadership has catapulted AVJ Group from a new player to an established brand worth a billion.

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